Is it important to you to like your job or career?

Is it important to like your job or careers

Are you surprised by this result?

We knew the Yes vote would be in the majority, but we weren’t expecting it to be by quite that much.

If you’re currently not happy in your career and feel as if you’re the lone voice saying that work was meant to be enjoyable, you can take heart.  It looks like a lot of people out there agree with you.

And now science supports you as well.

Research shows the importance of enjoying your work

There’s an increasing amount of research coming out showing that people who are happier in their work are more engaged, creative, resilient to stress, and productive.  And, most importantly, they’re happy!  It’s good for the employer and the employee.

When Harvard lecturer Shawn Achor carried out the largest study ever conducted on happiness and human potential he found that the success principal most people steer their careers and lives by is incorrect in one very important detail – it’s the wrong way round!

We all want to be happy and most people also want success.  The way we’re taught to do this is to work hard to be successful then you’ll be happy.  The problem is that the research doesn’t back this up. In fact it proves that the formula’s backwards and that happiness can actually fuel success and performance.

Shawn Achor’s book the Happiness Advantage is definitely worth a read, or if you’re more of a listening person it’s available on Audible.

Another interesting piece of research came out of Warwick University in the UK.  The researchers established a link between positive moods at work and higher levels of performance.  The team concluded “Our recent research investigates an important but often overlooked ingredient – that of human emotion”.  I think most of us knew this intuitively, but it’s always good to have science on your side backing you up.

Despite this the idea of “being happy at work” is still dismissed by many and a lot of traditional careers advice, the sort that might just have got you where you are now, is all about just getting a job and getting on it with it.

We strongly believe that you deserve so much more than that.  So if you feel that you’ve lost your career path, stick around and we’ll show you how to get back on track.

Quick reminder.  The data in these careers polls is anecdotal.  They haven’t been carried out using scientific sampling methods, e.g., we are trusting (because we are trusting ENFPs souls) that the people answering ENFP career polls are in fact ENFP personality types and that each person has only answered the poll once.

We’ll update the poll results in a couple of months so that you can see how it’s changed.


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