Personality Tests, Free!

personality test freeIf you’re interested in personal development you may enjoy taking various sorts of tests and quizzes as they can help you to find out more about yourself. Here are some personality tests, free ones, that we thought you might enjoy.

Most take around 10 minutes or less.  I can’t vouch for their accuracy and would suggest that you do them in a spirit of fun. Take the results with a pinch of salt rather than relying on them as a basis for any career decisions.

Visual DNA

I LOVE this test as I’m a visual person and this one uses pictures.  You are forced to make just one choice at every stage so it does make you stop and think.  It’s fun, the pictures are attractive and inspiring and I personally found the results to be pretty accurate.

I was a Seeker – what were you?

Marcus Buckingham’s Strong Life Test for Women

First shown on Oprah, this personality test is related to Marcus Buckingham’s book Find Your Strongest Life.  I haven’t read the book yet, but I did enjoy taking this test.  It has 23 multiple choice questions and at the end gives you both your lead and supporting roles with brief career recommendations for each.
Taking it was a bit like doing a behavioural interview as it asked you how you would respond in a number of different circumstances.  There were several instances where I found that none of the responses listed fitted me and I wanted to add another one, but apart from that it was enjoyable.

My Lead Role was a Teacher and my Supporting Role was a Pioneer.  What were your results?


One of the web’s better know test based on Myers Briggs, this one has 72 yes/no questions.  A nice feature is that the results link to several different assessments of your suggested personality type.

Right Brain – Left Brain Test

You’ve probably heard people talking about being Right Brain or Left Brain. Ever wondered what it meant or how it applied to you?

People who prefer to use the right brain tend to be more innovative, creative, day-dreaming, empathetic and intuitive. Oh and they are also more likely to be holistic thinkers, or big picture thinkers.

Those folks who favor the left brain are stronger in logic, lists, detailed analysis, practical, details, good at using reason…

Which do you think you are?

Here’s a quick multiple choice test to help you find out.  (!’m sooo over there on the right….)

Team Technology

This questionnaire based on Myers Briggs theory which produces a free online report that identifies your personality type and leadership style. There are also four optional low-cost reports available which go into further depth and their site has a lot of great information you may find helpful.
Note that it is a British site, so they use UK spelling, punctuation and grammar.