ENFP Event Planner, Event Manager

ENFP careers event managerEver been to a concert, festival, conference or exhibition and wondered how it all came together?

Wondered who decided to hold it at that particular location?

Who picked the theme, speakers or band, chose the wonderful food and pulled it all together to make it a successful event?

Well that would be the event planner or event manager, a career choice that’s popular with ENFPs for the variety, creativity and flexibility it can offer.

What sort of events do they work on?

We’ve known quite a few ENFP Event Planners and whatever type of event you can think of there’s probably an event manager or team who specializes in running it.

The most common types of events include – conferences, exhibitions, business product launches, meetings, weddings, tours, customer visits, VIP visits, community events, weddings, parties, festivals and roadshows.  They happen all over the world and in most industries, so if you’re looking for variety and travel this could be a good career for you.

What sort of event planner jobs are there?

There are  a wide range of jobs in event management from entry level positions to high-paying senior managers and directors.  Event management may also be part of a general marketing role.

enfp careers event planner careers What does an event planner do?

The day-to-day activities will vary depending on the role but generally include some or all of the following:

  • Managing events from start to finish
  • Conducting research into the market for potential events
  • Creating a theme and design for the event
  • Finding venue options
  • Developing effective relationships with key suppliers
  • Managing day to day relationships with external agencies
  • Negotiating good rates from suppliers like hotels, catering companies
  • Designing and managing all the event publicity
  • Arranging for appropriate catering and speakers or entertainment
  • Running all of the event logistics
  • Quality control of products and services delivered by external supplies
  • Attending the event and acting as a coordinator on the day
  • Managing the budget for the event
  • Arranging and attending post-event evaluation meetings

Do you need qualifications?

Although Event Planning is now a degree level subject it isn’t necessary to have qualifications to get into the field. Some employers are happy with experience or pure enthusiasm, and we ENFPs certainly know how to do enthusiasm don’t we!

If you don’t have any relevant experience, e.g., marketing, catering or hospitality, you may find a college degree or diploma helpful. Some local community colleges have started doing really great hands-on courses so if this area interests you check out that option.  It may also be a good way to meet potential local employers.

What ENFPs like you may like about being an Event Manager

  • There can be a lot of variety in event management
  • The work is project based
  • Opportunities to be creative
  • Working with lots of different people
  • There can be travel opportunities
  • It’s usually relatively easy to move between companies and industries
  • There are opportunities to work for yourself or go freelance
  • There can be a lot of fun and buzz running events

What you may not like

  • Details, details, details!  Events require good organizational skills.
  • The deadlines tend to be fixed and inflexible.
  • Some roles involve running the same sort of events over and over again.

The bottom line for potential ENFP Event Planners

Although an Event Management career may present some challenges these are definitely outweighed by the positives.  This could be a great career for an ENFP personality.


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