ENFP personality types like us are smart, enthusiastic, fun-loving people people.  But unfortunately we often have difficulty finding the right career path.  This is what we hear a lot from readers and clients:

  • You want a career that’s interesting, meaningful and personally fulfilling
  • You haven’t been able to find a career path or job you really enjoy
  • You get bored easily when not challenged or allowed to explore new directions

If this sounds like you then you’re in the right place.  We’re coaches who’ve put this site together and filled it with careers advice written just for ENFPs.

What you’ll find here

Lots of articles to help you choose your career path based on the things that we know are important to people like us.  We’ll show you how to choose your career based on your values, your ENFP careers strengths, what you want your life to be like and loads more.

We’ve included careers lists including a list of high paying ENFP jobs if you’re looking for a list of professional ENFP careers.  And a list of the jobs other ENFPs have told us they haven’t enjoyed. You’ll find all the lists here.

There’s also practical, down-to-earth careers advice including advice on handling specific challenges that we seem to come up against at work including:

Want some quick careers advice? 

Why not try our free and fun careers quiz which will give you careers advice personalized to help you in your current situation.

This quick quiz has 15 multiple choice questions and usually takes about a minute to complete.  It will also show you how your job or career matches up with what many ENFPs say they need for career satisfaction.

You won’t find here

As ENFPs ourselves we understand your problems and the challenges you face . So if you’ve the sort of restless explorer nature many of us have, don’t worry, you won’t find articles here in a lecturing tone that try to fix you.  Nor ones that try and force-fit you into a standard career path.

We don’t write generic advice here on career advancement or salary enhancement, but if that’s what you’re looking for there are lots of excellent places to get that sort of information.

Why this site’s different…it’s just for ENFP careers related info

Not only do we focus on careers info for people like us, but our approach to choosing a career could be described as warmly intuitive, more like life coaching applied to the topic of careers.

Don’t misunderstand us, it’s not that we ignore or in any way dismiss skills and qualifications.  It’s just that we’ve found that many of the people who come to this site have already tried standard career finding tests and processes based on their skills.  And it’s not uncommon for them to have had multiple jobs or career paths all of which made sense for them given their qualifications.

But they still haven’t have found a career option that appeals to them and they need something else, a different set of tools to help them choose a career and that’s what we provide here.

We hope you enjoy the site and it helps you as much as it’s helped these folks.  We’re not currently taking any coaching clients, but if you enjoy the site why not leave a comment or stay in touch by signing up to get new articles when we post them.  We’ll never spam you or share your email address with anyone.